Debi Faulkner Photography | about

Hi, I’m Debi.


Okay so this is the bit where I need to let you know a little more about what I do...

I’m a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Surrey but I cover anywhere in the UK or the world for that matter.

So why do I it?

The thing that stands out for me and why I got into photography professionally is the following:

When I was younger I would go to my grandmother’s house and every now and again she dig out the wooden box full of old photographs. This is when I would get excited because we would sit a table and go through these photographs.... Then we would come a across a particular picture and there will always be an amazing story behind it.

I now do this with my husband, as his mother has a wooden box also filled to the brim of photograph I love hearing the stories behind their photos. (Getting to see my husband in a cowboy outfit is completely priceless…. mind you he was two years old so it’s OK or his mullet phase lol all timeless Sorry Dave x)

Don’t worry Dave has also seen some shocking photos of myself when I was younger too but the great thing is that there is always laughter when we go through these.

The most amazing thing is that I know one day I will get to do the same with my children and tell wonderful stories to them and hopefully their children too....

I love the fact that from one picture you will hear a wonderful story with such emotion attached to it. 

My work has been described as in the moment, relaxed, fun & beautiful. 

 I love sharing my passion with you & hearing how much you love your photos

“These photos are incredible!

I am amazed that you have completely captured their personalities and the shoot was so much fun.

You have given me pictures to treasure and the naturalness of the pictures was exactly what I wanted.

Thank you so much x”

- Kathryn Davie - Proud Mummy


Okay so what do I when I haven’t got a camera in my hand (which is quite rare)…

Well I have two amazing children to keep me on my toes

a handsome young man - T-J and a beautiful daughter Luna (to whom recently arrived in our family in April 2016)


I have been with my amazing partner in crime aka the husband, Dave, for 8 years.


So the Faulkner Fort is pretty hectic at the moment but I wouldn’t change it for one second.

They inspire me to look at the world in a different perspective, the inspiration behind everything I do and they fill me with pride every single day.

Let’s create the same timeless memories for you and hopefully one day you will share that marvellous story behind that one particular picture.


Debi x